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Best-Loved Spices to Use on Your Food Today?

August 19, 2021

Best-Loved Spices to Use on Your Food Today?

Every time I take a bite of meat that hasn't been spiced, it doesn't taste nearly as wonderful! However, adding a pinch of spices like ginger improves it significantly. But why is this the case?

Spices have a distinct flavor and aroma, which distinguishes them as one of the most valuable crop products on the planet. But what if these wonderful, sweet items were produced in an environmentally friendly manner especially without the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They taste better, contribute to environmental conservation, and through a holistic manufacturing process, more values will be generated allowing farmers and traders to access premium prices which in turn supports responsible production and processing.

Now let us get back to spicing up our food. We find ourselves using ginger as one of the spices withmany food ingredients in our daily eating habits. For example, when we add it to meat, tea, cake, biscuits, or even lemonade, it changes the flavor of our food. Aside from culinary uses, this spice has therapeutic characteristics that can help with nausea, cold relief, boosting immune system, and even wound healing.

We've got you covered with all of your burning inquiries, such as where can I purchase Organic Spices and what makes our ginger so unique!

Our ginger is grown by organic farmers organized in Agricultural Marketing Cooperative organically certified under East African Organic Products and soon will be certified through EU and NOP organic standards who are also shareholders in the social business SAT Holistic group LTD. This is what distinguishes it from many other conventional. These farmers are shareholders in a company, a social enterprise but most of the farmers confront numerous hurdles, including lack of farming knowledge, input, and lucrative market access, but they persevere with the help of cooperatives and in collaboration with an affiliate organization ‘’Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania– SAT.

Our farmers are trained and nurtured to develop a robust and well-organized farming community with the support of our partner, Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT). We currently have 1.5 tons of organic dried ginger available for sale and more than 30 tons will be produced during this harvest season.


What is the best place to acquire organic ginger?

You can get Raw/processed ginger in either fresh, dried slices or in a powder form based on your preferences straight from our homepage, or request a quote for all unprocessed ginger in its raw forms.

If you are in Morogoro, Tanzania, you can visit our organic shop at Tushikamane-kilakala to place an order Or contact us here

We also do export in large container; you can learn more here corporate.