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Boosting Our Processing Capacity: New Additions and Enhanced Capabilities

September 05, 2023

Boosting Our Processing Capacity: New Additions and Enhanced Capabilities

Boosting Our Processing Capacity

Our facility has been expanded with the addition of two new mechanical driers, complementing our existing heat pump drier. This is increasing our processing capacity to run turmeric and ginger processes side-by-side, increasing our output to an impressive 4-5 tons of dried tuber crops per week.


Our factory, strategically located amidst the Uluguru Mountains, operates under the ISO 22000 standards, further ensuring product quality and safety. Our skilled and motivated team of 20, drawn from local communities, is at the heart of these new achievements. Located directly in the mountains, we are uniquely positioned to receive fresh, top-quality raw materials straight from the farms. This geographical advantage enhances the quality of our final products.


Furthermore, the factory grounds are also home to our farmers cooperative, CHAUWAVIMU, making farm-to-factory collaboration proficient. Our close ties with the community have affectionately led the villagers to refer to our operation as "Our Factory," a term we find deeply meaningful. In offering employment, we're not only achieving our business goals but also making a positive social impact, which aligns perfectly with our company’s vision.


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