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Discover the Delight of Dairy Queen Gouda Cheese

February 21, 2024

Discover the Delight of Dairy Queen Gouda Cheese

Crafted with Care in Tanzania: Gouda Cheese originates from the town of Gouda in the Netherlands but also finds a home right here in Tanzania. Our Dairy Queen Gouda Cheese is sourced from the milk of healthy, free-range cows belonging to dedicated local pastoralists of the Maasai community in Mvomero District, who are organized in the Ereto and Namayana Dairy Cooperatives. Every bite embodies a delicious natural taste.

A Journey of Flavour and Texture: Gouda is renowned for its mild, nutty taste and versatile texture, ranging from semi-hard to hard. From the smooth, gentle flavour of 4-week young Gouda to the slightly crumbly texture and robust taste of older variants aged one year and beyond, each stage offers a unique sensory experience. Our Dairy Queen Gouda Cheese starts gracing our shelves after two months, but you can also find older versions. Still creamy at the beginning yet gradually becoming firmer, it exudes earthy, nutty, and fruity aromas, promising a symphony of flavours with every slice. The colour of this traditional cheese delicacy can range from light to dark yellow.

Versatility in Every Bite: Dairy Queen Gouda adds a touch of sophistication to every dish, whether:

  • eaten as a snack,
  • tossed in bread,
  • sliced in sandwiches,
  • melted in pasta or mashed potatoes,
  • used in pizza and burgers.

Younger cheeses also pair well with fruits like apples and pears or with nuts like almonds and walnuts. Older varieties pair elegantly with red wine or a dark beer.

Nourishment for Body and Community: Packed with protein, calcium, fat, and vitamin K2, Dairy Queen Gouda Cheese is not just a culinary delight but also a powerhouse of nutrition. Moreover, by buying our Dairy Queen Gouda Cheese, you're connecting pastoralists to reliable market access, fostering sustainability and improving the livelihood of the local Maasai community.

Where to Find Us: Visit our organic shop at Tushikamane Center-Kilakala, opposite the Toyota Garage in Morogoro, Monday through Saturday, to savour our range of Dairy Queen Milk products. Can't make it in person? Simply order your preferred dairy products directly from our homepage for doorstep delivery.

Experience the Taste of Tradition, Sustainability, and Goodness with Dairy Queen Gouda Cheese.