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First SabaSaba Trade Fair as SAT Holistic Group LTD

August 19, 2021

First SabaSaba Trade Fair as SAT Holistic Group LTD

SabaSaba Trade Fair is one of the biggest trade fair in Tanzania and a strategic one for marketing and networking your business,but this year, it was extraordinary for the SAT-family: For the first time, we were represented with our own stand at the international trade fair in Dar es Salaam from the 01 to 13 July 2021.

For us, this Sabasaba 2021 made a difference. SAT Holistic Group Limited finally got the chance to present itself to the Tanzanian trade sector. Our stand was an eye-catcher: With the green-yellow curtains in the background, our organic products and the information posters were particularly well showcased.

Filled with organic products we represented what our farmers have to offer to the market. We were especially happy about the positive feedback we received on our newly designed product labels. Thanks to our catching appearance and the competent SAT-staff on site, we were able to convince traders and supermarkets for our products. This event marks the beginning of a new era for all our small-scale farmers and SAT Holistic group: The many new acquaintances and contacts made will empower us to keep expanding our network. In this way, we are broadening our reach in the national and international spice trade step by step.

We are extremely excited about the future of the SAT Holistic Group. Keep posted – we hope to be sharing more exciting and successful events with you soon.