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Full Cream Milk

DAIRY QUEEN Full Cream milk is pasteurized milk from healthy organic cattle.
Sourced from pastoralists; environmental stewards and proud shareholders of SAT Holistic Group Ltd. Produced under the highest standards, as a premium product in Tanzania.

Why Our Milk?

  • Our milk is pasteurized using a recognized heating process, ensuring that potentially disease-causing bacteria are no longer present.
  • Natural milk, easily digestible and healthy, has the most nutritional content that tastes well and is suitable for our children.
  • Produced under high-quality standards in a state-of-the-art facility.
  • Free-range cows, the taste of the milk is simply convincing.
  • Filled with beautiful glass bottles, which will appear well on your table.
  • Reusable glass bottles. We are protecting the environment.

We deliver straight to your location, from Monday to Saturday.

We deliver a minimum of one crate of 6litres at your doorstep.

Deposit Fee TZS 1,000/=Return bottle rinsed with lid